Hi, I’m Harry. I’m 21 (very nearly 22 oh no), and I’m in my final year of my degree, I work part time, I volunteer in two different places and I also go to church every Sunday, as well as finding the time to make youtube videos every week, manage a blog, write and create […]

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Happy Monday guys! TodayI’m treating you to a wee break from my ramblings and I’m handing it over to my good friend, Harry at MindlessMuso. I’m just gonna hand it over to Harry, who has written about a topic that is important to us both, music. His links are all…

For those of you who don’t know, today is the day that I share the first song from the EP for Mind that i’ve been talking about for ages. I’ve been up and down about it all really, one minute I love it, the next I hate it. I’m feeling a bit nervous about it […]

this is the final of a series of updates from the making of the EP, as the EP has now been completed and is ready for mixing and mastering. Woop! Next weeks video on Monday will be announcing the release dates of each song off the EP, which i’m super excited for! So make sure […]

So, the third song doesn’t as of yet have a title, so there wont be any revealing of that today! but this song was an interesting one to write and record. The first two songs we had pre written before recording them in the studio, and this was the first song we had absolutely nothing […]

Since the last post went up we’ve been pretty productive! Song 2 has been recorded and mixed down, and now it’s time to write lyrics for song 3. I’m happy with whats come out of the sessions so far. I wasn’t too sure about the lyrics I wrote for the second song. I have this […]

Hello! Thought I’d start a series of updates ¬†about the new music project I am on with! So for those who don’t know, I’m in the process of making an EP of hopefully inspirational and uplifting music for those going through mental health issues. I really want to make a positive impact in some way […]